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New TexSpray 900 Airless Paint Sprayer

New TexSpray 900 Airless Paint Sprayer


Texture Sprayers

Fast, high-quality interior finish

The RTX 900 is the ideal choice for the small contractor who’s looking to spray high-quality texture finishes with a simple-to-use, self-contained machine.

For help choosing which texture sprayer is right for you click the Textue Brochure & Application Guide below.


New RotoFlex II Texture Pump

Features an innovative braided sling that provides extra support to the RotoFlex pump tube.

Delivers smooth material flow for uniform coverage and a consistent spray pattern.

New Higher-Production Performance Points

New TexSpray GTX 2000 EX Airless Paint Sprayer

New TexSpray GTX 2000 EX Airless Paint Sprayer


Pumping System for Texture Spraying

NEW for 2009 – Get the Job Done Fast!

The GTX 2000ex is the perfect pumping system for the professional texture contractor who has access to a high-output air compressor. With its unmatched performance and durability, it can easily apply common interior drywall mud finishes such as orange peel, splatter and knockdown, or the more demanding deck coatings and exterior aggregate acrylic and elastomeric finishes.


Versatile Pump-Only Texture Sprayer – Allows your compressor to be placed outside while completing interior projects. Designed for use with a user-supplied air compressor*

On-Board Air Filtration System – Filters incoming air to keep your sprayer running at optimal performance with Auto-drain design to automatically remove moisture build-up


New TexSpray 5900 HD Premium Airless Paint Sprayer

New TexSpray 5900 HD Premium Airless Paint Sprayer


Gas-Powered Airless/Texture Sprayer

The 5900 HD is Graco’s versatile gas-powered airless/texture sprayer.

It’s job-proven capabilities enable it to spray skim coat in a level 5 finish, drywall mud in an orange peel, splatter, or knockdown finish. It can even apply the whole range of primers and paints.


QuikReel Hose Reel System – reel or unreel up to 300 feet of hose in seconds. Comes complete with 100 feet of 3/8 inch hose.

SmartControl Pressure Control with Digital Display – for precise spray pressure, from 400 to 3300 psi.

ProConnect Pump Removal System – no-tools removal and installation for fast repairs – right on the job.

Endurance Pump – with Long-life Chromex rod and hardened Stainless Steel sleeve.

Specially designed, Submerged Foot Valve – to efficiently load thick and heavy materials.

Powerful and dependable 160 cc Honda motor with Oil Alert.

WatchDog Pump Protection System – automatically shuts the pump off when material runs out.

On-Board Toolbox – convenient storage container for tools, tips, filters and accessories.