3′ x 1/8″ Airless Paint Sprayer Whip Hose


The whip hose is designed to give you flexibility when spraying. Since it is a smaller hose and it is a break in the other spray hose it makes it much easier to move around corners, angles, around eaves and under decks.

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1/8″ x 3′ feet whip hose This is a 3′ whip hose with an 1/8″ diameter. The purpose of the whip hose is to provide flexibility while spraying. When spraying the paint hose is very stiff and difficult to move around, especially when filled with paint. The whip hose provides a break in the hose and makes it easier to move the gun around corners, eaves and under decks. You will be very surprised at how much easier it is to move the gun around with an 1/8″ whip. We also carry longer 1/8″ whip hoses and many different whip hose lengths in 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 404-787-2418 or email us at americaairlesss@bellsouth.net