Titan Outlet Seat 704-558



This is an OEM outlet seat made to fit many of the Titan and some SprayTech models.  It fits in the 704-551A piston.  If you want a complete piston with the seat and ball cage and retainer already installed look at our 704-560 rod.  Here is a list of some of the units this fits.

This part replaces the outlet seat in the machines below:

Titan 440, 447, 440i, 440ix, Impact 440, all 540 units, all 640 units, GPX85, GXC690 , Advantage 400, 445, XT440, Advantage 340

 Epic 330, 440hp, 440xc, 447hpx, 550xc, 660hpx, 660xc, 690hpg, 690gxc, 1100hpx, 1100xc, Elite pumps E-15 &G40

SprayTech 2155 2255

***The only exception is the older Titan units that had the 704-089 piston rod.  This is the older rod with the thinner piston wall and was replaced by the 704-551A rod.***

Additional information

Weight 0.013 lbs
Dimensions 0.57 in